Saturday, May 01, 2004

After he left Daryl put his hands on my ass and stroked my pussy. "Good girl," he said. I turned around and kissed him, opening my mouth and sucking on his tongue. The vibrator fell out and he stuck in fingers in me. He took me to the bed and fucked me, first face to face, then he turned me on my stomach and fucked me from behind. It didn't hurt like I thought it would, just a little when he put it in at first. I was bucking against him and begging him to cum inside me, which he did, twice. I came hard against him, begging him to fuck me harder and begging him to shoot his spunk inside me, even though I wasn't using birth control.
When he was done he took more pictures of me doing all sorts of things for him, and then he took me home.
When I got there Harry was at the door. I was afraid he wouldn't let me in, and I did the only thing that made sense at the time. I dropped to my knees and sucked him off right in the doorway. It was something I had never done for Harry before, and I knew he would love it. I let him cum on my face like Daryl had done, and looked up at him, licked my lips, and begged him to let me in.
He did. But when I tried to go clean up, he stopped me. He jerked the robe off me and looked at everything. He saw Daryl's cum and my cum dripping out of my pussy, and the cum stuck in my hair and dried on my face. I watched as his cock got hard again and then he twisted me around and pushed me down on the couch. He fucked me doggie style over the arm of our couch. I took it much easier than I usually do, and frankly enjoyed it more, even though he was much rougher than he had ever been before. When he came, he left me there on the couch and went to bed. I finished myself off after he left, thinking about Daryl's cock spraying semen on my face.
I was sore the next morning but not unhappy. I sort of liked the slutty, well-fucked feeling I had.
Things changed between Harry and me after that. He fucked me on the kitchen floor in the morning, and made me play with myself and talk dirty in front of him. He made me call myself a whore and said that's how he was going to treat me from then on, and that from that day forward I was never to say no to him again. I agreed to everything.
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Thursday, April 01, 2004

The big day came for us all to finally meet John, and my husband had me dress the part for it. I wore a nice short dress with my new black bra and garter. He told me no panties on just nylons so John could get a feel of how wet I was if he wanted. I did like he said and we left to meet the guy at a small club in town. We had exchanged pictures with him and he was just like the one he sent us so it made us easy to find him once we got there.
At first the talk went kinda slow all being nervous some but after a few drinks the guys really got talking and sounded like old friends talking about fishing and stuff if you can believe that. I finally reached over and put my hand on my husbands cock which was the sign I was ready to do it with them both.
There was a hotel about a block away so my husband got some things he had brought out of the car and we all walked to it. We got a room and once in there my husband opened the wine up and we all had a glass. The lights were down low and my husband had brought some candles which made a really sexy setting for this. I excused myself saying I was going to freshen up some and went into the bathroom. In there I was talking to myself about how wet I was and what a slut I had turned into over the last year. I kept thinking about how it was going to start, what if his cock was to big, what would happen if my husband freaked at seeing it, and if it didn't happen fast I would chicken out I bet. My mind was raceing with different ideas and I knew if I didn't get out of there it would never happen. I finally got it together and told myself I wanted it and my husband wanted it so walk out and go over to John and kiss him.
John stood up when I came back and I did just like I said and went over to him giving him a big french kiss. He began kissing me hard while his hands felt my ass. His hands moved around to my front where he could feel how wet I was already and slid two fingers in me and began working them in and out while his thumb played with my clit. " I was in heaven right then" There I was in my mid 40's kissing another guy and letting him do that while my husband watched and knowing I was about to get fucked by this guy!! John then unzipped my dress and I just let it fall to the floor. He was seeing what no other man besides my husband had seen in over 25 yrs and I was enjoying it. I undid his shirt and started kissing his chest working my way down to his hard cock. I undid his pants and slid them down getting my first look at what was about to be inside me that night. His cock was longer but not as fat as my husbands but beautiful to me and I just had to have it. I took his balls in my mouth sucking on them and then licked his hard cock up and down the shaft. He was moving his hips back and forth and I took him in my mouth as deep as I could sucking on him. I sucked and licked that beautiful cock of his for about ten minutes and could tell he was ready to cum so I stopped not wanting his cum just yet. I got off my knees and walked over to my husband who was sitting there rubbing his cock through his pants. John was watching as I undressed my husband and gave him one of the best blow jobs in my life I think. He shot so much cum in my mouth that it was hard to swallow it all.

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Monday, March 01, 2004

I pleaded with him not to tie me up, but he ignored me. Daryl is a big guy, and very strong. He tied my wrists and ankles to the bedposts and then stood over me awhile, looking at me. "You're going to be a lot of fun to fuck," he said.
I asked him not to hurt me. He said he wouldn't as long as I did exactly what he wanted me to do. He got out a couple of vibrators and a video camera. I was scared of the video camera. I begged him not to tape me, but he did it anyway.
He took the vibrator and put it in my face and told me to suck it. I hesitantly obeyed as he ran it over my lips and tongue and slid it in and out of my mouth. "Good girl," he said. He took it out of my mouth and started sliding it along the lips of my pussy. I felt myself spasm involuntarily as he slid the tip into me. He twisted it back and forth and rubbed my clitoris with his thumb as he gradually worked it into me. He started pushing more and more of it into me, and it started to feel good.
I felt my hips moving against his hands and he started fucking me with it for real. He was fucking me with the vibrator and rubbing my clitoris and I couldn't help myself, I started to cum. Then he took it out of me. I gasped. "Does your husband ever fuck you like this?" he asked me. I said no, and asked him not to stop. He laughed and got the other vibrator out. It was smaller and shaped different. "Does your husband ever fuck your ass?" he asked. "No!" I said. I asked him not to put anything in my ass, but the truth is at that moment I wanted him to.
I tried to get away from him, but there was nothing I could do. When he first started pushing it into me, I thought I would die. I had never had anything in my ass before, but after he turned it on and left it there, it started to feel good too. I could feel the vibrations in my pussy. Then he took the bigger vibrator and started fucking my pussy again. It felt so good I stopped caring about the camera or the fact he wasn't my husband. He asked me if I had liked sucking his cock in the car, and I told him yes, so he wouldn't stop. He told me I had to tell him what fucking Harry was like, and I told him it was boring.
He asked if I was looking forward to fucking him, and I said yes. He told me to beg him to suck his cock, and I did. Leaving the vibrators in me, he climbed up to my chest. "Beg for it, bitch." I begged him put his slimy cock in my mouth.
"Beg me to fuck your face," he said. I begged him to fuck my face, and he did, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth like it was a cunt. When he came, it got in my mouth, as well as my lips and cheeks and nose. I spit some of it out, but it only made a bigger mess. He grunted and got off me. He left the room.
While he was gone, I found myself humping the vibrators, still in my pussy and ass, desperate to come. I closed my eyes and tried to think about my husband, but all I could think about was Daryl's fat dick fucking me. When he came back he took pictures of me, including several close-ups of my face. He laid his limp dick across my face and took pictures of me like that. I opened my mouth for him. I licked the tip of his cock and a long strand of cum came out of it.
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Sunday, February 01, 2004

I went back to John and we layed on the bed so I could see my husband as I took his hard 10'' inside me. I got on top and slowly took every inch of him in me while staring into my husband eyes. It felt so good having another cock in me after all the years of only my husbands that I began moaning and exploded within minutes letting my cum run down Johns cock and balls. I had my hands on his chest riding his cock real slow making sure to moan and rock back and forth to give my husband what he wanted to see. I was so hot doing it and looking into my husbands face that I was cumming in waves soaking Johns balls over and over again. I finally took my bra off and threw it to my husband exposing my erect nipples to John. I played and sucked on my own breast while riding on Johns hard cock giving them both a show. John began to fuck me harder after about 20 minutes and had me moaning and screaming. with pleasure. My husband was stroking his cock faster while John and I fucked like we had never had sex before in our life. I could tell he was ready to cum by how he grabed my hips and started shoving his cock as far as he could into me. I looked into his eyes and like the "slut" I was told him how much I wanted his hot cum in me and to fuck me harder. John went nuts hearing me talk like that and gave me just what I wanted and layed there wore out and smiling.
I layed there for a minute then got up and went to my husband and took his hand and brought him to the bed. The sheets were soaked by now with all my juice on it and I could feel John's cum in me. John looked at me not knowing what was going on. Heck I didn't either at first but I did remember how my husband said he was going to lick my clit while another guy fucked me. I got on top of my husband with my pussy in his face and his cock in my mouth. It felt so good him eating my sloppy wet pussy that I was maoning like crazy and begging John to fuck me again. John slid his cock into me from behind and began to fuck me like there was no end to it. The thought of his cock and balls right there while my husband licked and sucked my clit had me screaming with pleasure and making me cum like I hadn't in years. We fucked and sucked for about 15 minutes and my husband finally lost it shooting his cum on my face. John went about another 10 then filled my pussy again with his hot cum .
We were all pretty wore out by then and John got dressed saying what a great time he had and was going to leave us alone now but asked if in a few weeks we could talk again and maybe do it again. I told him yes and to please e-mail us when he was ready. After he left my husband opened another bottle of wine and poured us a glass. I was on the bed with cum still on my face and some between my leggs and thoughts of what just took place going through my head. "I couldn't believe what we had just done and how turned on we both were". My husband gave me my wine and said he had the best time of his life that night and thanked me for making it all possible. I laughed and said it was me who should be thanking him for letting me get fucked long and hard like that from a strange cock. We started talking about what I had done and how turned on he got seeing Johns cock sliding into me like that and hearing me moaning with pleasure. He kept staring at me in a weird way though so I asked what was wrong. He said with the light the right way my pussy looked so good all wet with cum running out of it. I could not believe he was getting hard again after cumming twice already that night. I asked him if he wanted to finish by doing oral on me and then I would fuck him. It was so great just him and I there now. I was on his face with him eating what John had left in me. I didnt think I had anymore in me but I began to cum again and flooded his face and mouth with my juice. I got on my kness and my husband fucked my ass leaving us both totaly drained after about 30 min of non stop pounding.
We are still doing our cyber sex alot and playing with our new toys and having the time of our life. John did contact us but will put that in part two if people want to hear it.

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Thursday, January 01, 2004

I've learned to love being a whore. When my husband calls me his "slut" or "cunt" it makes my pussy wet.
I wasn't always this way. It all started about three months ago when I lost a bet. My husband had some men over for a night of poker. I didn't have money to go out that night, and so I decided to play. Harry wouldn't give me any chips to play with, so I "traded" for them, basically flirting with the guys and getting them drinks and stuff so they would give me chips to play with.
I started drinking too much, which always makes me horny, and my husband didn't stop me. I started talking dirty with the guys, and wound up playing a game of strip poker against one of them. I lost that bet, and had to take off my clothes, down to my panties, in front of all of them. My husband tried to stop me, but I did it anyway, partly because of the alcohol, partly to make a point.
Of course I was embarrassed, but they all appreciated my body, and I started to feel more comfortable after a while. I wound up getting more chips, and sitting there half-naked in front of several strange men was strangely arousing. I found myself getting up more than I needed to, and "showing off" in front of them.
When I got the best hand of the night, I decided to get revenge. Daryl, whom I didn't like, but who had made a pass at me earlier, said he'd bet his truck against me. I thought he was thinking with his dick, and besides I really wanted that truck, which was brand-new and worth a lot of money. I wound up betting my body against it. Basically I had to be his sex-slave for the night.
He beat me, of course, but I was shocked when I saw his cards. I was scared shitless then, though still kind of turned on. I had fantasized about cheating on my husband before, but never with a man like Daryl. He immediately made me get up and take off the rest of my clothes, showing all the guys my pussy and ass, and holding up my tits for them, and then he made me get in his truck. I slouched down as low as I could in the seat, terrified someone would see me.
Daryl made me suck on his cock "like a baby," telling me he would let me out butt-naked if I didn't suck it good. I was more ashamed of myself than I had ever been, and probably wouldn't have been able to do it at all if it hadn't been for all the liquor I'd drunk.
When we got to his house he ordered me into his bedroom. I was scared because his cock was much fatter than my husband's. I'm small and even Harry, has to be careful with me. I was wondering if it would hurt and hoping he wouldn't be too brutal about it when he came in with several lengths of clothes line.

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Monday, December 01, 2003

After about an hour of cyber sex I went into my husband so hot and wet that all he had to do was touch me and it sent me over the edge. He made a comment about how great I looked and how I was turning into a real slut for him. "I was a slut now I thought and loving it all". We fucked and played with the new dildo for hours that night and his talking got alot bolder about how he wanted to see a nice big cock in me for real. I got alot more into also that night and went up and had him lick and suck his cum out of me while telling him it was from another guy that had fucked me. At one point I was thinking it was all a dream because this was not like us at all but we were both enjoying it to much for a dream.
After sex that night I told him about another outfit I bought and told him if he promised to let me try it I would go and put it on for him. Not knowing what it was he agreed with no problem at all. I put a blindfold on him and told him to wait while I went in the other room to change. The leather felt so good on me and I got turned on putting it on that I started to stroke it like a real cock. I picked up the lube that came with it and a jar of grape jelly I had put in there and went back to my husband. I told my husband to just relax that I had something new for him and I put the jelly on my new cock and put it to his mouth. It was hot seeing my husband lick and suck on this thing. He asked if it was my new dildo! I told him no that it was something I got just for him! When I finally took his blindfold off his eyes got big as heck and he just stared at me dressed like that. He finally said I guess there is more to this and started sucking on it while he used my dildo on me. This was great! I finally got him on his knees and put some lube on this nice cock of mine and began to work it into his tight ass. I told him to relax just like I do when he does anal on me and it would go in easy. It took awile for me to get it into him and once I did I just took slow strokes with it till he got use to it. After about five minutes I could feel him moving his hips back towards me as I would slid it into his ass like he wanted more. I picked up the pace and began to slam it into is ass fucking him like some cheap slut would get it. " He was loving it" I fucked him for about a 1/2 hour the first night and after we were done all he could say was that he had never thought he would enjoy doing that. We continued to cyber and fuck like kids, talking about strange cocks in me and I was having the time of my lfe fucking his tight ass for him.
Then a few months later the real question came from him after sex about really bringing another guy into bed with us. He wanted to watch and suck my clit while I was being fucked by a big cock he said. At first I thought he was just kidding because he had a nice fat 7'' that filled me up but he said its for real and I could tell by his new hard-on he wanted it. We had sex again and all he could talk about was him watching me get it which brought me to some of the best orgasms I had in years. "I guess he had found a weak spot and took advantage of it knowing I enjoyed the thought of my dildo being a real cock in me". I finally agreed to it if he could find a nice guy for it.
He started looking the next day and put an add in for a guy in some swinger sites on the internet. The replys to it started to come in a few days later and I could not believe how many there were. Some were good and others, well just forget them, but after a few weeks of intense sex just thinking about it we finally picked a guy to meet for it. He was a few years younger then us and married which was fine with us. His wife also knew we were meeting so that helped, plus it was also his first mfm so that made us relaxed more with him not expecting alot from us.

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